Back on the trails! The weather was very pleasant the other day so my human took me in the car to a trail to have a long walk. It is nice to go somewhere different.

I knew something was going to happen. We took our regular morning walk and when we came back she did not take off her jacket or shoes, this is a sign that she is leaving, but as she put my harness back on I realized we were going out again! I was excited and jumping around. She got her car keys out and I then knew adventure was waiting. I hopped into the back seat of the car and paced back and forth and whined. I think at first she thought I was anxious, but I was really just trying to show her how excited I was, I might have overdid that a little.

We drove into a small parking area off a busy road and she was very adamant about me not going anywhere near the road. It was hard to contain myself, but we started off down the trail and oh boy I was excited! So many smells and sights as well as sounds it was almost too much for me to take in at first. I wanted to go very fast but the leash and the human attached to it kept me at a trot. She let me smell to my heart’s content and did not rush me. I know when we are going on our regular walk we need to keep to a rough schedule but this was different and I was going to take full advantage.


We didn’t meet anyone else, but I found a couple of snakes, this surprised me and I will say that my human was not going to allow me to investigate it any further. There were quite a few birds, but very few squirrels which I was glad. I see enough of those at my house.

I did slow down towards the end and I really didn’t want to get in the car at the end, but I have the feeling we will do it again as long as the weather is good. I have showed her that I liked it and she seemed more relaxed and enjoyed it also.

I will say that I am a little out of shape and was quite tired and a little stiff, but I am not going to admit that to her, she may feel bad. I just have to do it more often and I will be fine. So get out of your rut when you can. Let your human know that new places and new smells are great if they are with you sharing in the fun.


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