I like to share. I just am choosy with whom I want to share and what I want to share. I have trained my humans well not to share their food with me…a little too well trained. I will follow one particular human around if he has food, well, mainly because I feel he would be easy to sway and he drops stuff. My other human, well not so much. I mean I know I shouldn’t be eating their food, but I get weak, the stuff smells good!

I have toys and I do like to share these. I leave them out so they can find them to play with if they want. They seem to be annoyed if they find them in certain spots, but I am trying to make it easier for them. They will play with me at times with some of them, but they lose interest or just don’t get what I am trying to teach them about play. This is a point where quite a bit of work still needs to be done.

Couches, blankets and laps are always a big sharing opportunity for me. When one of my humans or anyone that is even visiting gets on the couch I am there! I will share immediately, lie right down and get as close to them as possible. I really have this down with one of my humans, she sits and I am there. I know when the weather gets warmer I won’t be as welcome to this type of sharing so I get it in as much as possible now.


This is the time of year where I shed a lot of fur, well to be honest I shed year round, but now it is more prevalent. I have no problem sharing this with my humans, I am giving a little bit of myself to them. Somehow I don’t think they really appreciate this as much as I want them to. One of my humans takes me out to brush me frequently, while this is nice I hate to tell her that it really isn’t going to take care of it completely. When I get off the couch/my human’s lap I leave a bit of myself behind, kind of a gift. They can get out that awful sounding machine as much as they want(I stick close by to protect them while they use it, they do not seem to see the danger!)but my fur will come back.

I share my outlook on life with them, my love of the outdoors and my love for them. We share a home and love what more can you ask for.



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