I have worked hard training my humans to have a schedule and stick to it. I mean there are variations but for the most part we are pretty well set into a routine. There are the days when my main human(the one that feeds me and takes me for walks) wakes up by an annoying beeping sound when it is still dark out, we go downstairs, she takes me outside and then feeds me. This is one of the routine days and for the most part it is pleasing.

This is a run down of my typical day when my human goes out to work or where ever she goes.

Wake up 5:30- annoying beeping sound still dark

Bathroom and breakfast 5:45

Upstairs nap 5:50 until 6:20-She is in the shower and then eats breakfast, I do not need to be involved.

Still relaxing 6:20 until 6:50- She turns on that loud machine that blows hot air, puts a lot of stuff on her face, does something else that makes noise in her mouth, sprays some smelly stuff on, and gets on socks and shoes. This is my signal to get up, rub against the bed, stretch, and show her that I am ready to go for our walk.

Walk 6:55 until 7:10- Morning walk, usually the same route. Get my morning smells in, leave a few messages along the route and usually poop.


7:10 to 7:15-  Human gets her supplies together for her day and then fills a Kong for me and places it on kitchen floor before leaving.

7:18 to 7:30- Empty the Kong, doesn’t take long, get a drink of water, sniff my food bowl for things I might have missed(never find any), take a good sniff around the kitchen for anything edible, and have a good scratch.

7:30 until 12:00- Find a comfortable spot to nap, a few choices so at times I try them all. I particularly like the couch in the room that faces the driveway it is big and I can stretch out. I am also able to hear the comings and goings in the driveway so I can be alert.


12:00 to 12:45- Get up do my stretches, go into kitchen to get drink of water, roll and scratch on the rug (this one is particularly well suited) and take a short tour of the house to make sure there is nothing that I have to take care of. Lately there have been quite a few bugs inside and these need to be dispatched. Don’t taste great but it’s my job.

12:45 to 3:30ish- Decide whether or not to stay on the couch or get up on the chair so that I am better situated to see my human when she drives in. Decide on the chair.

3:30ish-My human is Home! Time to get excited. I greet her at the door, wagging my tail and she takes me out to pee immediately. When we come in she likes to go through her mail and go to the bathroom herself but I let her know in no uncertain terms that the afternoon walk needs to happen NOW!


4:00- I get fed and then the walk commences. This happens without fail just as I have trained them, there are days when they are out and it might happen later but it always does. The length of the walk depends quite a bit on the weather but usually lasts at least 30 minutes.

4:30 to 6:00 My human reads or something else for a bit and then makes their dinner. It is important that I stay with her to clean up the floor and keep her on her toes by getting between her and the counter which helps with her agility and stretching.


6:00 to 6:30-My humans eat in the kitchen(the food room) and I again need to stay close. One of them might drop something on the floor so I can help to clean up(one is a little more apt to do this than the other so I keep to his side of the table).

6:30 to 6:45- Humans clean up the kitchen. I really have little interest. I will occasionally let them know that I need to go outside again, breaks things up a bit.

6:45 to 11:00- Snuggle Time!- I wait for one of them to get on the large couch and turn on the tv as that is my signal to join them for a well deserved snuggle. I stretch out and make sure they are petting me and the evening is planned. One human goes to bed earlier, but I stay up with the last one. Go out for one last bathroom break and then upstairs to my bed for a well deserved rest! It has been a long day.


So this is a typical day in my life, well, at least on my human’s workdays. The days where she is home, it is unpredictable but always fun.


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