Must Make Eye Contact

Humans can be pretty self absorbed at times. I have spoke how lately I am hungry and thirsty ALOT! This means I have the need to go outside more frequently, so I am left with just how to project this need.

When ever one of them gets up or moves around the house I go with them. The food room (kitchen) is a popular room and one human does a great deal of cooking so I like to stay close. She never really gives me anything but there are times when she drops stuff so I clean up the floor, really just trying to be helpful to be honest, because she rarely drops anything of much substance. Of course the minute anyone gets up and moves around I need to go out. If I am sleeping or just lying down I am not aware but if I move about then it all changes.IMG_20190317_225418_929

They will ask me if I need to go out and I try to answer them by perking up and possibly giving a little woof, this is not well received, but really I am only trying to show them I appreciate them noticing. I get excited when I think they are going out because I always get a treat before they walk out the door. Don’t get me wrong, it is not as if I want them gone but the treat is a bonus and I know they are coming back after all.DSCN0252 (1)

I get my afternoon meal at the same time everyday, with a walk right after so my stomach starts telling me before that time and I stick close to my human. She is adamant about not feeding me any sooner than the time she set, but I watch for any crack in her armor. I have taken to sitting close to her and staring at her. If she makes eye contact I know I can push it. Eye contact is hard but worth the effort, first you have to stare at your human even if you can’t see their face and if they glance at you, then you have to quickly utilize the puppy eyes. This is very important, very few humans can resist. I put this into practice multiple times a day and it pays off, not with food that often but belly rubs, ear scratches and snuggles, but I still try at meal times. They are not always strong in resisting you, they are only human after all.




Seriously, I am hungry and thirsty all the time now. My humans are getting a bit annoyed, I can tell, about my constant begging and eating whatever I can find on my walks.

This may have something to do with whatever they are hiding in the peanut butter that I now get in my breakfast. I have said before that I trust them and they must feel that it is important for me to have it, but it is crazy.

They fill up my none too small water bowl at least 3 times a day and I know that they are upping my breakfast and dinner amount a little bit. I also get more treats especially on my walks as my human is trying to distract me from eating acorns, seeds and berries and what ever else is lying on the ground that could be edible. I used to try to occasionally eat this stuff not because I liked it as much as I was on a mission to drive out the squirrels (the Spawns of Satan), but now it is just because I am hungry. These things don’t really taste good, a little crunchy, but that is it.

adorable animal blur close up
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I am having to go out to go to the bathroom a lot more now as I am drinking so much more, good thing my human is home most of the time now. I really am trying to keep these things under control, but at least I have good humans to take care of me during this difficult time.20170925_093821

Humans And Their Projects!

Humans can find so many ways to be busy that frankly I find them exhausting. The latest from my human was working in one of the rooms of the house, where they eat with lots of people, it involved 3 days of intense activity. I strove to keep an eye on her because there seemed to be so many ways she could get into trouble.

She started off by climbing a ladder or chair and spraying and scraping stuff off the wall near the top. It was making a mess and the stuff that was coming off was slippery and I was concerned that she might slip. I kept very close, moved when she moved and made sure she knew I was right next to her or behind her so she had to be very careful where she stepped or moved the ladder. This slowed her down a bit and she was getting annoyed but she didn’t slip and fall, job done!

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This job took two days, and she started immediately to take pictures off the wall and stack them in another room. There is a large cabinet type thing that seems to hold an unending amount of books and that was emptied, again in the other room. She put some in bags and took them out to the car, don’t know where she took them or if she is just storing them in there. She then moved the cabinet away from the wall by herself, I tried to let her know that I didn’t think this was a good idea at all. I followed close at her heels and whined but she paid me no heed. Well, nothing bad happened so I guess it was okay.

A tub of white stuff and a flat tool was put to use on certain small parts of the wall and rubbed with some rough paper the next day, lots of dust, sweeping and mopping was now part of the process. I tried to help by smelling and licking, but that was not looked upon favorably. I gave up but kept a sharp eye on her anyway.

A large bucket of soapy water was brought out with the ladder again and this was applied to the walls. I really do not have a clue as to what was going on, but the ladder was out which meant I had to stick close. Water and a slippery floor was a recipe for disaster and that was not going to happen on my watch.

Blue sticky tape was applied next which again involved the ladder, if she wasn’t tall enough to do this with her feet flat on the floor then why was it an option? Lots of blankets or sheets were put down on the floor and  new tools were added to this project that I now realized was never going to be done. A can of some weird smelling stuff was opened and a tool with a long stick was used and then put to the wall. She still had to use a ladder as the tool didn’t get all the way up to the top. I stayed in the adjacent room to watch until she reached a part of the room I couldn’t see and had to join her. Once this day was over I though we would get back to normal but she wasn’t cleaning it all up, just a few items.

After our morning walk, another can was opened and she started over again! What fresh hell was this? The whole process was repeated, I failed to see much change. After this was done she appeared to be cleaning up completely, she got another one of my humans to help her with the cabinet this time and it was moved back into place. Books were sorted and put back into the cabinet, some behind closed doors others on view. This was 3 or 4 days of intense activity and the end result is that the walls are a different color!

Humans are an odd bunch to be sure, but I found this exhausting. Now my human knows that I am not feeling great and was always considerate about stopping what she was doing to take me outside to take care of things, I personally think she enjoyed the little breaks as she must have been tired too. She is home more now, since I have been to the new doctor as she knows that I have to go to the bathroom more, so she doesn’t want to put me in a bad way.  I appreciate her attitude, she is making this situation bearable. So I guess I can put up with her projects.

Quick update

After a flurry of appointments at different vet’s offices. I have settled into a bit of a routine with a few changes from my norm.

I get a new added treat with my breakfast in the morning, a spoonful of peanut butter. It is probably hiding something but I trust that whatever my human is doing or giving me is for my best interest. I am liking the peanut butter. I am hungry frequently now and I must admit have become a bit of a pest begging for food. I am not proud of this but it is what it is. I am also very thirsty most of the time, so my humans have been making sure my water bowl doesn’t run dry for which I am grateful. With my intake of water increasing it means I have to go out more often. This seems to be the case in the afternoon and evening. My humans have learned to read the signals, but there have been times when I had an accident in the house. Those were extremely embarrassing, I mean I am not a puppy. I am housebroken but one time they were not home and another when I just couldn’t get them to listen to me. They know it is not my fault, so they have structured their days so this is less likely to happen.

I do not know what the next chapter will bring but I know my humans are doing their best for me and I am not worried. I have a great life with a great family that loves me. What else could I ask for?


Long Car Ride, New Doctor

I wanted to update you all regarding all my doctor appointments. I have been busy. I had to go to my doctor to have my stitches taken out and apparently they decided that I needed to go to another one farther away.

I do enjoy a car ride and I was excited to start off, but it took a long time and I began to get a bit more anxious. We arrived at a very big place with a lot of other animals waiting and I was very anxious. I did not want to get on the scale even though this has never bothered me before. I was completely overwhelmed. The doctor was very nice, she and my human talked for quite awhile and then I was dismayed to see my human walk away while I went with the doctor to another place. I was put into a cage and I began to worry. I don’t remember what happened next but when I woke up my belly had been shaved and was itchy, I hated that! I don’t know how long I was there and I did not feel great. Everything was a little fuzzy.

My human met me in the big room that I arrived in and we got in the car and went home! I think something bad is happening because my humans are very upset. One keeps crying and I try to make her feel better, but she is scaring me a little.

A good thing is happening, every morning with my breakfast I get a spoonful of this great tasting stuff. I think I heard her saying it was peanut butter, yum! I have to go outside to pee a lot more but other than that I feel okay. If anything changes I will let you know.


Waiting For Test Results

Sorry that I have been away for awhile, but I have just been lazing around enjoying things. Although a little bit ago my human took me to the vet and they did some tests and required me to come back multiple times. I went back today and stayed for quite a bit although I really don’t know how long because I was asleep.

I had some sort of procedure done and now I am wearing this black turtleneck thing to keep me from scratching my neck. Humans are a strange bunch. When my human came to bring me home I was very glad to see her, but I was feeling a little strange, kind of groggy.

I heard her talking to the other doctors there and they said I needed to come back again in a week or so, wasn’t very clear. I will let you know what is going on when I know, but right now I am just glad to be home.

Why Do Humans Like Loud Noises

I do not understand humans and their affection for loud noises. I suppose that is a bad way to put it, maybe it is just that it doesn’t seem to bother them at all or at least the ones I have met. Recently, we have had quite a few loud thunder storms that go on for a bit. Fireworks are another problem but at least they seem to be relegated to only certain times. Humans seem to enjoy them, I guess their hearing is not as good as mine and they are aware of what the noise is and where it is coming from. My humans try to tell me that all is well but the more they pay attention to me the more uneasy I become-why are they looking so concerned? Is it really as bad as I think? At times I don’t think they are all that bright; I mean they have that loud rolling machine that they push around(a vacuum?) in the house and it doesn’t even faze them. Yesterday, my human started up a loud machine outdoors and pushed it all over the grass outside, I kept trying to warn her but again she was oblivious.


I have two places I go when I hear these noises or the threat of them occurring and I believe my humans know that it is my safe place and I will be fine. I know it is my job to take care of them but if they are unwilling to notice the danger then it is their problem, they are on their own. Can’t say that I haven’t made it obvious to them of danger. I know way ahead of time when a storm is coming I can feel it, and smell it before I see it or hear it.  I have heard them say that I am their storm predictor so they are aware of these dangers. They just choose to ignore them.

lightning strike on city
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I worry about humans and their poor hearing, it is because they have been exposed to these loud noises for so long that their hearing is damaged. Maybe they are just numb to the fact that loud noises are a constant presence in their everyday lives so they just take it in stride?

photography of woman listening to music
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Other than the frequent storms and the unrelenting heat it has been going well here, keeping the humans on their toes and doing refresher courses on some basic as well as advanced commands. You can’t rely on them remembering all you have taught them, they are only human after all.

Time-It’s All Relative

My main human left for awhile about a week ago. Now I was not left alone for that time I had my other human that took good care of me and I watched out for him. Things were okay, but having to be extra vigilant was very tiring. I did not sleep in the room upstairs on my bed but instead downstairs on the couch waiting for her to return. I heard every sound and it was not restful at all. I can’t tell you how long she was gone or where she went, but it seemed like a lifetime. You see, we dogs do not measure time the way humans do. When my human leaves me home I never know how long she will be gone. I am pretty secure now with the knowledge that she will be back, but I have no way of judging the time.


She came home, greeted me and took me outside. I was beside myself seeing her again, she didn’t seem to have changed so it could not have been that long. I know the other human loves me and tries his best but when everyone is home I feel so much better. Now I can get back to my job without any extra worry. My main human is not away as much as the other so I know what I am supposed to do, but it is very confusing when she is away. Do I have to watch him more? Will he know when I have to go outside? Will he know when to feed me? Will he let me do all my smelling on our walks? There were so many questions. Well, I can tell you the walk were not as enjoyable. I walked as long but he doesn’t really get the idea that I need to lots of smelling and I do not go to the bathroom just once. I have to leave messages in different places to let the other dogs know what is going on. This was frustrating. I know he was trying but it was not the same.

When my human did come home, I felt relaxed and could finally sleep upstairs and could sleep deeply, it was great. We got right back into our schedule and all is right with my world again. The weather has gotten hot again and we have adventures ahead, but with all my humans in place I know that I will be happy.IMG_20170715_063044_711

Danny and Ron’s Rescue

My human watched a show on the television the other night (Netflix I think) called Life In The Doghouse which is a story about a rescue group in Aiken South Carolina and boy these guys work really hard to save dogs and get them ready to be adopted. They seem to have given over their house to dogs from shelters that do not have room to house all the abandoned, abused, old and homeless dogs. They started out with just a few and connecting to people in the world of horses (really big dogs) and then a big storm hit in New Orleans, Louisiana and their world got turned upside down.


These 2 men live with the dogs in their home, help them to get better so they can find their forever home and if they don’t get adopted they stay with them. Danny and Ron are horse trainers and wonderful people who just love animals and have dedicated themselves to helping. They are really trying to tell people that dogs and cats need to be spayed/neutered because there are just too many of us and not enough humans to go around. There really is a shortage of humans. Not all humans are a good choice to adopt animals and I applaud the shelters that really try to screen people so we dogs and cats find good, loving safe homes.


I want you to encourage your human to watch this television show and if they cannot adopt another furry family member then maybe donate time, money or supplies to a local shelter or even Danny and Ron’s. These places are working very hard to help find homes and help as much as they can. They are only human after all.

That Screeching Sound

I was awoken the other morning by a an awful screeching sound. It got my human out of bed to look out the window. I tried to figure out where it came from although I was pretty sure I knew what it was. Since the weather is finally warming up, there are more animals and birds around then there were a month ago. I mean I know there are some neighborhood cats that like to fight in my yard and boy they are loud. The don’t have the decency to keep quiet or go someplace else, I mean really I don’t want to hear them fighting or whatever it is they are doing very publicly.

brown and white fox on green grass land
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I digress, the other morning it was a fox. They make the most bloodcurdling screech, it sounds like a human screaming.Well, not that I have one in my yard I have to patrol whenever I am out, I need to keep the property safe. I know my human has seen it, but I can smell it even when no one sees it. They all think I am crazy, but they will get up and look when I make it apparent that an unwanted visitor is there, but when they can’t see it they laugh and tell me nothing is there! I can’t and won’t give up trying to make them aware of possible danger, but there are times I get so frustrated with a humans stunted sense of smell.


When I am out in the yard patrolling on a tie out it is not a problem. I am free to roam and leave my scent where I think I should. When my human takes me outside on the leash to do my business I am afraid she is not that patient and doesn’t let me sniff or go where I deem important. I try to get as much info as possible in a short space of time and get my scent as close to if not in the area I need. I seriously wonder why I live with these humans if they won’t let me do my job, then I remember that I do love them, they provide me with a warm, comfortable safe home  with regular meals and fresh water not to mention unlimited snuggles so I forgive them their failings. I will continue to strive to meet my responsibilities and do the best I can within the confines I have.


If you smell, hear and see more wildlife continue to alert your humans to the possible danger. They try but their totally inadequate senses are why they need you. They are only human after all.