I am Confused

There has been a lot of activity around here lately. Great smelling things in the food room(kitchen) of which I am keeping a close eye on and jumping in whenever needed to clean the floor. There has been more coming and going and bringing in large bags. My human barely sits down for a minute except at night when I can pin her to the couch for some much needed snuggling, she forgets about it so I need to remind her that downtime is my job and one I take very seriously.

I will follow her from room to room in order to make sure that she is careful, I mean she forgets things and is constantly retracing her steps, also there has been quite a bit of work with sharp objects although she seems to have a good handle on this it is always best to be cautious. Boxes have been opened and odd things have come out and placed in what I can only describe as random places throughout the house. Also there are lights involved, I thought we could see fine and would not need more lights, but not only are they additional the humans turn down the others in some places. I do not get it at all.

Yesterday they brought a TREE into the house, I mean who does that? I think I remember this last year also, so it might be some sort of tradition? They lit that up with a lot of little lights and hung objects on the branches. This must be some sort of ritual and they seem very aware whenever I am near it. It smells great so maybe they are trying to connect with me and work on their sense of smell, I don’t want to tell them that you really can’t improve your sense of smell, you are just born with a good one or not. Maybe they are trying to make me more comfortable bringing the outside in? Lets face it, the tree is dead and isn’t going to last forever, but I do appreciate their concern.


I am pretty sure we will have other humans come to visit for awhile as we do when they bring the dead tree inside, so I am figuring this is their yearly present to me. Visitors that like to snuggle and a dead tree. Odd presents but I can go along with it as it appears to make them happy, they really ask for little and I am willing to go along with the ritual.


Special Days

We just had a special day, humans call it Thanksgiving, I don’t know what it is all about but food seemed to play a BIG role in the day. My human got up really early and beside feeding me, she seemed to be doing a lot in the food room(the kitchen), there was a really large item in the hot box(the oven) and the smells were quite something. I was going to have to be on my toes all day if this was going to continue!

We had new humans arrive, 4 at once! They were all really friendly but they all came at once and I was crazy trying to keep track of them all. I checked them all in and they brought food, so I had to be quick to make sure the food was ok and be there to help clean up if necessary. This was going to be a busy day!

The humans sat down at the big table and there was food everywhere! There was so much that they had to put the overflow on another smaller table on wheels that was warm. I kept an eagle eye out for anything that dropped to the floor. I was willing to help my humans in anyway possible as they had been working pretty hard all day and they didn’t need the extra work of cleaning the floor.

Well, after some intense cleaning up and packing away the extra food all the extra humans left and I was exhausted. It really is tiring to be on call like that for 7 hours at a stretch. I sure hope this is once a year because if this is going to become a regular thing I may not make it. I am enclosing a little key of sorts for the words humans use on a daily basis.

Food Room: Kitchen

Hot Box: Stove/Oven

Cold Box: Refrigerator

Moving Box: Car

Loud Moving Machine: Vacuum

Flat Box with Pictures and Sounds: Television

Small annoying Flat Rectangle: Cell Phone

These are just a few, I am working on a larger one that I will share with you soon.

lunch table salad
Photo by Kaboompics .com on Pexels.com

The Layers of Fall

The layers of fall are intoxicating. Leaves, rain and even a little snow all add to the smells. Everyday when out for a walk the scents assault me and I have to obey and bury my nose and inhale the glorious scents.

Squirrels are running around more and they seem to have a problem doing anything in a straight line. They seem to enjoy messing up any scent trail. I am still working on my plan to do away with their food source even though I get in trouble for it. We have a flock of wild turkeys around here and they leave some varied scents. Since the weather is cooler, dogs are able to go carousing around the woods more often and they leave little notes to tell everyone they were there. Fallen leaves trap scents and you get multiple layers everywhere. Smelling and sniffing are my way of exploring my surroundings.

My human seems incapable of realizing that this is very important to me and my job. She is always trying to drag me away after just a quick sniff, like I can get all the information involved in such a short sniff. I mean really there is a lot to take in and it is constantly changing.

I owe some of my heredity to the hounds and I feel that this is part of my job to keep abreast of local information left for me to sniff out and act upon if that is what I need to do. I take this all very seriously, although my human seems to think I am just being disobedient, since I will pull back when there is a lot of information to take in. After some rain or snow the scents are heightened and made crisper.

Humans do not have the intense nose that we dogs do and maybe that is why they have us, they need help, really in so many ways. We have to watch out for them and take all the local information that we get from the local dog grapevine and use it to protect them. We dogs have a close community and we pass on information the only way we can so just keep your nose to the ground and do what you need to do.

Humans are really not well equipped for this world so we have to do what we can to keep them safe and well cared for and I for one will continue to keep my nose to the ground.


Squirrels-A Plan

Apparently the squirrel population in certain areas of the country exploded this past year but their food source is not enough to feed them all(short sighted in my opinion), something they failed to take into account. I have been working on a plan to “encourage” them to move on. Now don’t get me wrong I don’t want the furry rodents(Spawns of Satan) to die of starvation’ just go elsewhere. I think the woods and forests should have a more plentiful food source than my suburban neighborhood. So here goes.

On my daily walks I am constantly trying to find acorns and berries and grab them to eat so the squirrels have less. Now I am not a huge fan of these types of food and my human keeps me well fed so I don’t “need” to eat them. I will also add that this is driving her crazy because she has no idea why I do it. She might think that since I was a stray before that I am used to eating this way, I can’t explain it to her so we will just soldier on.

I figure if I keep eating their food maybe they will go away to live in the woods. This is a long term plan, not something that will have an immediate effect, but slow and steady it might work. If you too are plagued by these rodents join me in trying move them to different real estate. My other plans of chasing and barking at them just didn’t work out if anything it made them bolder because they knew I was on a leash and couldn’t get to them because my human would not allow it. They sat on fences, rock walls, tree branches etc and laughed at me! Altogether, not the result I was looking for at all.

I will continue my plan to move them out to an area that they can live with their families and do whatever it is they do. I still have not figured their purpose in life and I am pretty sure they don’t know either, but you can be sure it is not to live in my neighborhood



Love and Affection

Not a lot has been going on here, but I thought that I would take a moment to talk about how to let your humans know that you love them. This is a very important emotion for them. They are all different so you have to figure out each one and their ability to read you.

I have one human that is pretty easy to let him know what is going on. Greet him at the door with a wagging tail and an occasional lick and he is happy. He gives me ear scratches and sneaks me an occasional treat (human grade) when the other human isn’t watching. This plays havoc on my digestion, but he doesn’t even know about it as he is not my walking partner. I find a well placed head on his lap and gazing with my big eyes usually works with him. He is not home as much so he can be easily impressed with any attention. It is all about reading your human, some take longer than others.


I have another human that lives in the house next door who comes over frequently and he loves me and tries to get me to play with him all the time. Very rough and ready. I don’t really play per se, but he gets me excited so I have a crazy or two and that makes him very happy, strange human. No matter the weather he will allow me to snuggle with him and he will pet me as long as I want. He knows I love him and that we have a different relationship than my two other main humans.

Now, my main human, the one that feeds me, walks me, brushes me etc is different. I am still getting a handle on just how to show her how much she means to me and not just because she feeds and walks me. I am with her constantly when she is home. No matter what I am doing I need to be with her. I follow her everywhere! Frankly, this can be a bit tiring as she moves around the house a lot, going from room to room. I try to protect her from those noisy machines, which she doesn’t seem to appreciate. I stay really close while she is preparing food, those knives look pretty sharp, the hot place where she puts their food is an accident waiting to happen. She is pretty casual about things so I need to be on guard at all times, she needs watching. When the weather is good we snuggle on the couch. She is my favorite snuggler because she know what I like and I gaze at her with as much affection as I can show. We have a good relationship, but there are times when I wonder if she knows how much I love her. I am going to continue to be there for her 24/7 so she knows. My constant presence is the best way I know how as she is not as easy as the other humans, but she is the most important, she is my human. I chose her and I want her to know that I am there for her always. This is my daily task. All human/dog bonds are different so you need to find out how each human is different and play to those differences.


Things That Jump

Since we have had quite a bit of rain lately the grass is growing fast and high. I like to graze and have a little green nosh but every once in awhile when I put my nose in to smell or grab some grass something jumps out. This is not something I want or expect to happen and it sets me back on my haunches a bit.

Bugs (grasshoppers I think) are quick. I try to catch them but they are erratic jumpers with no apparent plan. Well, I have a plan and they are not included so if they could either get out of my salad, apologize or prepare to be eaten that would be great. I mean really who jumps in someones snack and thinks this is okay or that there will not be consequences. They will feel my wrath soon.

nature animal insect grasshopper
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Toads/frogs have been setting up home in my backyard without my permission. When you look like they do, one would think they would be a bit more polite and ask. They certainly are not going to win any beauty contests. I will say they are slower and probably easier to catch, but I am not sure I want to. I know my human doesn’t want me to eat them and for the most part I do trust her with my dietary restrictions as she has learned her lessons about not feeding me people food. Although these fellows are not on their dinner plates so maybe they are fair game. They are kind of brazen or stupid, maybe they think they are blending in and I won’t find them! I am a dog with a highly developed sense of smell and I am not blind. For now I will just observe them as they are relatively small and don’t really get in my way. Maybe we can co-exist?

brown and black frog
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Butterflies and moths- Technically they don’t jump but they flit around with no purpose that I can tell. They will fly in front of me suddenly and I have the quick reaction to snap at them. I am not going to get them, obviously, so I just look foolish. I do not enjoy being laughed at, maybe this is their purpose. If this is their purpose then I think they are working with the squirrels and something needs to be done, but I digress.

black and white butterfly perch on yellow petaled flower
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

These jumping erratic things are part of my life and I will deal with them, but really sometimes I just want a quiet smell and a little salad, is that too much to ask.


The Cool Room

I know I have mentioned that I do not do well in this heat and humidity, but we have this magic room in our home. This room makes it all worth while. My humans have ways to help with the heat, closing curtains(those things that make it hard to be vigilant about looking outside), fans ( they move the air around) I have found my favorite spots to lay down to make best use of them, she also closes doors and windows during the day to keep out the hot air; all of these help but there is no denying that 96 degrees is not my sweet spot.

gray round floor fan
Photo by Public Domain Pictures on Pexels.com

The room where we sleep at night has my other bed in it, near the humans bed so I can keep track of them during the night and it is usually pretty comfortable, but when it is hot like this they have this machine that makes a loud humming noise( I don’t like noise but overall this isn’t too bad), I think this does something to make the room cooler. It really only feels like this when it is making that noise. I will put up with that noise if it means that it is making it more comfortable. I have begun to look out for that noise and if I hear it I like to hang out by the closed door of the room. That is another sign that it is on, because they keep the door closed, don’t know why they can’t share the cool air with the rest of the house, maybe that is not the way it works. All I know is that I love it!


My human seems to be around more this week which means she does not wake as early in the morning so we get to stay in that room longer. I am trying to convince her that we need to nap, or even eat in there, but I don’t think she is going for it. The only problem I see is that when you come out you feel like the heat is knocking you back and it feels worse.

Maybe you all have cool houses or just a room like me, try to stay cool and convince your humans to do the same, sometimes they do not seem to realize this, silly. Oh well they are only human.

Summer Slow Down

I know I haven’t written lately, but this weather is doing me in! I may have been born in the South , but boy am I glad I don’t have this humidity all the time. We have had a stretch of heat and humidity lately and I find it exhausting and I do believe it is mostly because it is humid.


I know I should be pushing to keep my humans active but really it is just beyond me. We go for walks and she is walking faster than I am! I try to slow her down as I want to smell, sniff and pee, but she won’t always cooperate. She even gets a little annoyed; I thought maybe if I looked forlorn and tired she would take pity on me and slow down. Seriously, this can’t be good for either of us.

When my humans are gone for the day, they leave a ceiling fan on in the food room that I like. The floor is cool and the fan gives me a breeze, but they come home and I have to be on top of my game again! Frankly, after I go out to pee all I want is my dinner and a cool comfortable place to nap, but I put on the show, jumping around like a loony so we can go out for our walk. It is expected but, boy there are times when I just plain don’t want to. I will say that if it is extremely hot my human will just take me out to the back yard with the cool grass, shade and my little pool so I can get in some serious smelling, rolling in the grass and nibbling on some green plants. She is aware that I should not be on very hot pavement, so we spend some time outdoors without the trouble of a walk.


Don’t get me wrong I do love my walks and I will always encourage my human to take me, but maybe just once or twice I could hope that she forgets all her training. I have been working with her for almost 3 years know and I consider her a success story as she is a quick learner and really cares, but maybe a star pupil is not always the best at reading clues. I guess that should be my next training chapter. If I can get her to read clues by my behavior I might really have something but it might be slow going, she is only a human after all.


I am afraid I do not understand humans obsession with bathing. It has been very hot here lately and while our activity has been curtailed, we do get outside. The backyard is grassy and I have a little round pool to splash around in, although really I drink from it and stand in it. My humans seem to want me to lie down, splash or other nonsense. I appreciate their concern, but really I am not a water dog and I see no reason to “swim”. I am sure they can cool off this way but I don’t see them sitting down in the pool. I am doing pretty well staying cool, we have ceiling fans and I know how to situate myself so that the breeze hits me just so and at night they have the cool room where we sleep so I am good, a little tired maybe but otherwise just fine.

A few days ago, my human decided it was time for me to have a bath! I don’t know what gets into her. I was not dirty and my smell seemed just right. Well, she got a bucket of warm(not hot) water, a big blue bottle of shampoo(the one she uses as it is biodegradable), 2 large towels and her grooming mitts that have little nubbies on the palms and fingers. I was not happy about this, really I don’t think they would want a bath on the front lawn, this was embarrassing. The warm water was okay but it ran off my coat a bit so the big green snake(the hose) was put to use and then I was subjected to a full body massage with the shampoo. This wasn’t all that bad, but it was still very public. Now came the rinsing, I kept trying to shake but she wanted me to wait until she was finished, that was very hard to do. I mean it is instinct, when you are wet you shake, it would have been a help to her, but she was having none of it. She quickly employed the towels in a brisk rubdown after using the mitts in a water shedding as well as hair shedding tactic. I was then allowed to shake. I wasn’t nearly as dry as she would have liked, but she seemed pleased with the outcome. We came in the house and I rubbed on every available surface I could think of. My coat was a bit fluffy for a few days but I am back to normal now.


I don’t hate the bath or the attention, but I do not see the reason for it. I was not dirty at least according to my standards ( really the only one that matters) and why does it have to be so public. Maybe next time she will take me back to the place where it is done inside. I won’t be as anxious the next time as I am sure of my place at home with my humans. I like them, I think I will keep them, they are mine.


On The Road Again!

This past week I was able to hit the trails again with my human. I am getting better in the car and not whining so much. I know this makes her crazy but at times it is hard to contain my excitement and I just want her to know. Of course, I now know that the majority of times that we go somewhere in the car it is not too scary and I know I will always be coming home.

We started out the morning with our regular walk and then she got her car keys out and I knew we were going on an adventure! I jumped in the back seat on a new plaid blanket, windows down a little for air and we were off! I was excited and was doing my best to keep it together but as we got closer I whined a little but not too bad. We pulled into the parking lot and I was very patient and waited until I was allowed out of the car. I know my human feels a bit bad because we don’t go on these hikes very often and I didn’t want to make her feel bad so I was determined to be well behaved and cool.


The smells were fantastic and there were so many! I had to poop right away, although my human picked it up in her little stash of bags, so not a lot of my scent was left, but I understand she can’t just leave it there. One of the many things I can count on her for. I was running, jumping and smelling it was great! There were trails that went in different directions and she gave me my head and let me choose the way, I will give her credit she kept up. I only had to stop a couple of times. I had a recent scent of another dog so I wanted to see if I could catch up, but no. I also got mixed up with the squirrels who seem incapable of running in a straight line, I mean seriously there was a path, what do they have to do off the path that is so important. They really seem to have an inflated sense of their own importance. Well we finished up at the same speed except now it was mostly up hill, but I was game. At the place where we parked our car my human brought out my traveling water container and let me drink my fill, then it was back in the car for the ride home. See, I knew I was going home, my human loves me and I have a real home now, it really is a wonderful feeling.

Once home I took a bit of a nap and kept an eye on my human(it is my job after all). She still took me for my afternoon walk even if it was a little shorter than usual. Later that evening I realized that I might have overdone it a bit because I was a little stiff and sore, nothing bad I toughed it out and was fine but maybe I should pace myself a bit better. I have a bad leg although it doesn’t slow me down; I hope my human takes me out again soon and on a more regular basis so that I am in better shape. I mean I have good muscle tone, in a feminine way, but a more regular workout couldn’t hurt.


These little trips are great and now that I feel more secure in my home with my humans I can appreciate them even more, because I know they are doing it for me. I hope they enjoy it too, she certainly seemed to be in a good mood all day with lots of extra pats and snuggles so let the good times roll. Humans need to get out of their rut too, they are only human after all.O