Humans can be pretty self absorbed at times. I have spoke how lately I am hungry and thirsty ALOT! This means I have the need to go outside more frequently, so I am left with just how to project this need.

When ever one of them gets up or moves around the house I go with them. The food room (kitchen) is a popular room and one human does a great deal of cooking so I like to stay close. She never really gives me anything but there are times when she drops stuff so I clean up the floor, really just trying to be helpful to be honest, because she rarely drops anything of much substance. Of course the minute anyone gets up and moves around I need to go out. If I am sleeping or just lying down I am not aware but if I move about then it all changes.IMG_20190317_225418_929

They will ask me if I need to go out and I try to answer them by perking up and possibly giving a little woof, this is not well received, but really I am only trying to show them I appreciate them noticing. I get excited when I think they are going out because I always get a treat before they walk out the door. Don’t get me wrong, it is not as if I want them gone but the treat is a bonus and I know they are coming back after all.DSCN0252 (1)

I get my afternoon meal at the same time everyday, with a walk right after so my stomach starts telling me before that time and I stick close to my human. She is adamant about not feeding me any sooner than the time she set, but I watch for any crack in her armor. I have taken to sitting close to her and staring at her. If she makes eye contact I know I can push it. Eye contact is hard but worth the effort, first you have to stare at your human even if you can’t see their face and if they glance at you, then you have to quickly utilize the puppy eyes. This is very important, very few humans can resist. I put this into practice multiple times a day and it pays off, not with food that often but belly rubs, ear scratches and snuggles, but I still try at meal times. They are not always strong in resisting you, they are only human after all.


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