I know I have mentioned that I do not do well in this heat and humidity, but we have this magic room in our home. This room makes it all worth while. My humans have ways to help with the heat, closing curtains(those things that make it hard to be vigilant about looking outside), fans ( they move the air around) I have found my favorite spots to lay down to make best use of them, she also closes doors and windows during the day to keep out the hot air; all of these help but there is no denying that 96 degrees is not my sweet spot.

gray round floor fan
Photo by Public Domain Pictures on Pexels.com

The room where we sleep at night has my other bed in it, near the humans bed so I can keep track of them during the night and it is usually pretty comfortable, but when it is hot like this they have this machine that makes a loud humming noise( I don’t like noise but overall this isn’t too bad), I think this does something to make the room cooler. It really only feels like this when it is making that noise. I will put up with that noise if it means that it is making it more comfortable. I have begun to look out for that noise and if I hear it I like to hang out by the closed door of the room. That is another sign that it is on, because they keep the door closed, don’t know why they can’t share the cool air with the rest of the house, maybe that is not the way it works. All I know is that I love it!


My human seems to be around more this week which means she does not wake as early in the morning so we get to stay in that room longer. I am trying to convince her that we need to nap, or even eat in there, but I don’t think she is going for it. The only problem I see is that when you come out you feel like the heat is knocking you back and it feels worse.

Maybe you all have cool houses or just a room like me, try to stay cool and convince your humans to do the same, sometimes they do not seem to realize this, silly. Oh well they are only human.


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