I know I haven’t written lately, but this weather is doing me in! I may have been born in the South , but boy am I glad I don’t have this humidity all the time. We have had a stretch of heat and humidity lately and I find it exhausting and I do believe it is mostly because it is humid.


I know I should be pushing to keep my humans active but really it is just beyond me. We go for walks and she is walking faster than I am! I try to slow her down as I want to smell, sniff and pee, but she won’t always cooperate. She even gets a little annoyed; I thought maybe if I looked forlorn and tired she would take pity on me and slow down. Seriously, this can’t be good for either of us.

When my humans are gone for the day, they leave a ceiling fan on in the food room that I like. The floor is cool and the fan gives me a breeze, but they come home and I have to be on top of my game again! Frankly, after I go out to pee all I want is my dinner and a cool comfortable place to nap, but I put on the show, jumping around like a loony so we can go out for our walk. It is expected but, boy there are times when I just plain don’t want to. I will say that if it is extremely hot my human will just take me out to the back yard with the cool grass, shade and my little pool so I can get in some serious smelling, rolling in the grass and nibbling on some green plants. She is aware that I should not be on very hot pavement, so we spend some time outdoors without the trouble of a walk.


Don’t get me wrong I do love my walks and I will always encourage my human to take me, but maybe just once or twice I could hope that she forgets all her training. I have been working with her for almost 3 years know and I consider her a success story as she is a quick learner and really cares, but maybe a star pupil is not always the best at reading clues. I guess that should be my next training chapter. If I can get her to read clues by my behavior I might really have something but it might be slow going, she is only a human after all.


5 thoughts on “Summer Slow Down

  1. Mollie has been a but lazier lately. I can only guess that it’s the heat. I’m doing my best to play with her when she initiates it, and let her rest when she acts uninterested. I hope I’m getting it right.


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