I am afraid I do not understand humans obsession with bathing. It has been very hot here lately and while our activity has been curtailed, we do get outside. The backyard is grassy and I have a little round pool to splash around in, although really I drink from it and stand in it. My humans seem to want me to lie down, splash or other nonsense. I appreciate their concern, but really I am not a water dog and I see no reason to “swim”. I am sure they can cool off this way but I don’t see them sitting down in the pool. I am doing pretty well staying cool, we have ceiling fans and I know how to situate myself so that the breeze hits me just so and at night they have the cool room where we sleep so I am good, a little tired maybe but otherwise just fine.

A few days ago, my human decided it was time for me to have a bath! I don’t know what gets into her. I was not dirty and my smell seemed just right. Well, she got a bucket of warm(not hot) water, a big blue bottle of shampoo(the one she uses as it is biodegradable), 2 large towels and her grooming mitts that have little nubbies on the palms and fingers. I was not happy about this, really I don’t think they would want a bath on the front lawn, this was embarrassing. The warm water was okay but it ran off my coat a bit so the big green snake(the hose) was put to use and then I was subjected to a full body massage with the shampoo. This wasn’t all that bad, but it was still very public. Now came the rinsing, I kept trying to shake but she wanted me to wait until she was finished, that was very hard to do. I mean it is instinct, when you are wet you shake, it would have been a help to her, but she was having none of it. She quickly employed the towels in a brisk rubdown after using the mitts in a water shedding as well as hair shedding tactic. I was then allowed to shake. I wasn’t nearly as dry as she would have liked, but she seemed pleased with the outcome. We came in the house and I rubbed on every available surface I could think of. My coat was a bit fluffy for a few days but I am back to normal now.


I don’t hate the bath or the attention, but I do not see the reason for it. I was not dirty at least according to my standards ( really the only one that matters) and why does it have to be so public. Maybe next time she will take me back to the place where it is done inside. I won’t be as anxious the next time as I am sure of my place at home with my humans. I like them, I think I will keep them, they are mine.



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