This past week I was able to hit the trails again with my human. I am getting better in the car and not whining so much. I know this makes her crazy but at times it is hard to contain my excitement and I just want her to know. Of course, I now know that the majority of times that we go somewhere in the car it is not too scary and I know I will always be coming home.

We started out the morning with our regular walk and then she got her car keys out and I knew we were going on an adventure! I jumped in the back seat on a new plaid blanket, windows down a little for air and we were off! I was excited and was doing my best to keep it together but as we got closer I whined a little but not too bad. We pulled into the parking lot and I was very patient and waited until I was allowed out of the car. I know my human feels a bit bad because we don’t go on these hikes very often and I didn’t want to make her feel bad so I was determined to be well behaved and cool.


The smells were fantastic and there were so many! I had to poop right away, although my human picked it up in her little stash of bags, so not a lot of my scent was left, but I understand she can’t just leave it there. One of the many things I can count on her for. I was running, jumping and smelling it was great! There were trails that went in different directions and she gave me my head and let me choose the way, I will give her credit she kept up. I only had to stop a couple of times. I had a recent scent of another dog so I wanted to see if I could catch up, but no. I also got mixed up with the squirrels who seem incapable of running in a straight line, I mean seriously there was a path, what do they have to do off the path that is so important. They really seem to have an inflated sense of their own importance. Well we finished up at the same speed except now it was mostly up hill, but I was game. At the place where we parked our car my human brought out my traveling water container and let me drink my fill, then it was back in the car for the ride home. See, I knew I was going home, my human loves me and I have a real home now, it really is a wonderful feeling.

Once home I took a bit of a nap and kept an eye on my human(it is my job after all). She still took me for my afternoon walk even if it was a little shorter than usual. Later that evening I realized that I might have overdone it a bit because I was a little stiff and sore, nothing bad I toughed it out and was fine but maybe I should pace myself a bit better. I have a bad leg although it doesn’t slow me down; I hope my human takes me out again soon and on a more regular basis so that I am in better shape. I mean I have good muscle tone, in a feminine way, but a more regular workout couldn’t hurt.


These little trips are great and now that I feel more secure in my home with my humans I can appreciate them even more, because I know they are doing it for me. I hope they enjoy it too, she certainly seemed to be in a good mood all day with lots of extra pats and snuggles so let the good times roll. Humans need to get out of their rut too, they are only human after all.O


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