I can’t say I am really a big fan of change. I have had quite a bit of it in my life and I like the security of sameness. I love my humans and my new life here and this was a positive change.

I like when we change up our walks so that we see new places, but I like the fact that I am coming home to my home where my dish is waiting, have a couple of dog beds and a comfy couch for me to lounge. My humans, try to keep to a schedule and I appreciate that, it gives me the security that most of us crave.

My human decided to move things around in the house today, at least in the room that we are in most of the time. I am not at all sure why she felt the need to do this but she seems quite pleased with herself, odd. I thought it was fine the way it was why did she decide that the couch needed to be on another wall, oh wait I can look out the window this way! Do you think she did this for me? This might put this whole thing in a different light.

Change just to change doesn’t seem worth it, at least not to me, but I am not a human and she could have had a good reason. I am not going to pretend that I know what she was thinking, but I for one have started to think she might have some good ideas. I can now look out 2 different windows without having to move and that is an idea I can get behind. I might have changed my mind! Oh well, you have to give these humans credit sometimes they have good ideas.



2 thoughts on “Change

  1. Mollie doesn’t like change either. I’m already trying to think of ways to make the adjustments easier when we move into the house. The RV will still be on the property for a while, so I’m afraid it will confuse her to “go home” but not to the RV.

    I’m glad your human made a change that wound up working out for you!


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