I have tried running with my human to please her as this seems how she wants to work on her cardio, but really there are just too many smells, grass to eat, places to pee and leave messages, so it really didn’t work. I tried, but well I am a dog! She will have to do it on her own at her own pace, she will just have to suck it up.

I get my cardio my way. Some humans call it the “zoomies” mine call it having a “puppy crazy”. Neither of these terms are very complimentary and they find them amusing, it is serious business. I take my workouts very seriously and my cardio intervals are hard work.

There are times when I am just excited and it seems like a good time to run full tilt around the house. I have the problem of wood floors, they can be slippery and it is tough to make sharp turns but we do have area rugs so I go from one to the other as fast as possible, this takes some concentration so I don’t over shoot the rug and slide, that makes me look foolish and no one wants to look silly when they are working out.

The second floor of the house is much better suited to this type of workout as it has wall to wall carpeting as does the stairs which add a different level to the cardio workout. My humans have learned to stay still and get out of my way as I need my space. They seem to enjoy watching me, which is strange, but they are only human after all.

I get a different type of stair work in when my human is getting ready to leave for the day as I follow her to the stairs, go part way down and she forgets something and goes back so I turn around to do the same, this happens more often then I would care to admit but it is a workout just the same.

Get your cardio work in whenever you can just make sure you have a clear path because you don’t want to fall or run into something which is a very real possibility. Then rest, take it easy and remember that your workout needs no equipment just your legs, a clear path and some rugs.



3 thoughts on “Cardio

  1. Mollie loves her cardio, too. We just have to be careful not to let her do cardio if the ground isn’t really level, because she’s a doxie and we have to protect her back. I love watching her run: little legs a blur, ears flying out behind her head, giant smile on her face and joy in her eyes. I bet your people feel this way about watching you do cardio😍


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