By now a lot of you have gotten comfortable with your human family and training is just maintenance really. I do have time alone while they are at work and I use this time for a bit of grooming playing, eating and sleeping; basically recharging to be ready when they get home and I will be on duty for whatever they might need.

Me time is really just as important. The humans are home doing what they need to do, so you can find a quiet place and sleep, A spot away from everyone that is soft and warm or cool depending on your location should fit the bill. You have reached a point where you don’t have to be on 24/7, don’t feel guilty you have done your job so now you can reap the benefits of a well trained human. They may come looking for you and wondering if you are alright. Just open an eye, sigh possibly get a belly rub and then they will leave. Resist the urge to follow, they don’t need help, they will be fine not to worry.


Lately I have been having to remind my humans to watch where they are going again and it takes a lot out of a dog; I mean really being at their side jumping in front of them so they will be reminded to watch where they are walking, especially when they are carrying food, the whole thing is exhausting! So when I know they are settled in at a task or watching tv I know I can grab a nap.

We all have different ways to enjoy ourselves but quiet time to reflect and rest is important, so try to grab some me time so you will be in a better place to serve our humans. They will always need us… they are only human after all.


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