I know I have mentioned car rides before but it takes on a different tone in the summer. They can be fun with the windows open enough to put your nose out wind in your ears etc, but in the summer this can mean longer rides if you are going on vacation with your humans so plan accordingly. You won’t know when or if you will be stopping for bathroom breaks so make sure you take care of business before you get in. They will wait.It is always advisable to be restrained while riding in the car and I know that doesn’t sound like fun but you can get knocked around pretty easily. There are seat belts for dogs just like people. You may have to make a pest of yourself to get your human to look into getting one for you. At least, they should have something that keeps you in one part of the car so you can’t roam around.

When you do stop make sure you are not left alone in the car. I know we all have a fear of being abandoned and losing track of our humans, but it is even more urgent in the summer. A car can get extremely hot very quickly even if they leave the window partially down. Do everything you can to get out of the car with them, bark, whine  just generally make yourself heard. It is dangerous and there are some pretty stupid humans out there that will think it is ok. I am not saying it is like that with your humans but lets not take any chances.

Vacation should be fun for us all, but there are times when humans have to be reminded about everyone’s safety and since you are in charge of their training it is up to you to remind them, they are only human after all. Happy vacation!


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