Humans seem to really like these loud scary things. It can turn me and quite a few other animals into a quivering, shaking mess.

My humans have figured out that I have a couple of safe places where I can go to feel protected. It doesn’t change the fact that I am scared but I take comfort in the fact that they are not. At first they wanted to hold me and pet me and talk to me, but it felt like they were trying to reassure themselves, too. This only compounded the problem as now it was even more scary. I couldn’t protect them and that is my main job after all. We have been together for about a year and a half now and I think we have figured out each other.

If you are new to your human family or are a puppy remember find a safe place, a closet, under the bed, a small bathroom, etc and make it your own. This will pass. Every time you feel scared make this your safe place and they will get the idea that you need to be where you are and they are helping by letting you be. Don’t try to rush out of the house to get away from the noise it won’t help and then you will be scared and lost. Most humans will never totally understand why you are scared and that is okay as long as they understand your need to be in your safe place. Remember they are worried about you because they care and love you so that is a good thing. You have to train them will constant repetition and using the exact same place or places each time. Some are a little slower than others to catch on, they are only human after all.


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