We have discussed our various duties as the family dog and there are times when you get into a routine and forget that you have a job and while cuddling with your human is part of it; it is surely not the only part.

I am not a good candidate for being off leash as it is partly in my breed makeup to follow a scent. When my humans want to work outside in the yard, watering plants, pulling up weeds cleaning the car, etc (boy, they do seem to have quite a few things to do) I want, no need, to be out there with them protecting them. I have to make sure they don’t wander off, hurt themselves in someway or forget that I am here! They use loud machines which frankly I want no part of like the lawnmower, vacuum cleaner, snow blower, leaf blower etc. It is a wonder they can hear at all anymore. My house has a glass front door, during the warm weather I can look out and see them but not always clearly and I could not get to them if there was a problem. They seem to be annoyed that I whine and bark to come out, but I have a job after all and they are thwarting me at every turn. If my humans are going to be out in the yard for an extended amount of time they  will gate me on the porch or put me on my tie out and this helps but is limiting.

There are days when my human is up and about all day going from one thing to another, upstairs and downstairs. I do have to follow her to keep an eye on her because if she is out of sight she is not out of mind! I think she has learned to watch out for me and at times will even tell me where she is going just to help  me out. The other human stays in one place for longer period of times when he is home so he is easier to watch. The kitchen is an area you need to be vigilant about. You never know what they are doing in there! There are times food falls on the floor and you will need to take care of it, they could slip and fall or eat something that wouldn’t be good for them. You have to sacrifice for them, don’t worry it will pass.

Now while I cannot watch out for them when they get in their cars and leave for extended periods but when they come home I am on the job! Take little naps so you are rested enough to jump into action when you are called to do so! Just remember if you take care of them, they will take care of you and seriously who doesn’t want more snuggle time. We love them unconditionally and they gives us love in return. Humans are a pretty good bunch but they need constant watching; they are only human after all.dscn0256

Always alert!


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