Ok, well I don’t laze anywhere near a pool, but recently we had very hot weather and it really knocks me out. My human doesn’t take me for long walks as she doesn’t want my paws to burn on the pavement so I like to be outside in the cool grass. We are not anywhere near a lake or body of water for me to swim in, not sure I would anyway, but she did get me this small plastic pool and fills it slightly with water. Last summer season, I was not too sure about it but warmed to the idea by the end of the warm weather. I am not going to lay down it it but cooling off my feet, taking a drink and splashing are quite enjoyable and it really seems to make her happy to see me in it and since it is my job to make her happy I will oblige.

Last week it came out and I seemed to remember it from last year and it took very little coaxing to get me in it. I splashed, tried digging and ran through it for quite awhile and it was very refreshing. I may get to the point where I can lie down and relax in it, but I really am not a water dog so we will see.

If you don’t have access to water to swim or play in see if you can get your human to get one of these for you. I think she got the idea one day when we came back from a walk and I put my paws in the water dish to cool them. It seemed like a reasonable thing to do after all, little messy but effective. Maybe you can try the same or the toilet? Be creative, it all depends on how quick your human is to get the hint. Be patient they are only human after all.


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