I find that humans invite quite a few people into our home, some of these people are ones we see all the time and others come and go. I happen to see one human all the time and get very excited when he comes in as he always showers me with attention, sometimes I have to remind him but not often, so naturally he is a favorite. Some humans come and spend multiple days with us and they are very nice also, new snuggle partners! There are other humans that I am very familiar seeing outside the house and there are times they come in to visit. I have to make sure they notice me and spend time petting me, scratching my ears, belly rubs or otherwise just giving me the attention I have grown to expect. My humans usually shower me with attention so their guests are not that different.

The other types of strangers are the one off type. They come in do something inside, deliver something or otherwise just stop by. I find these humans a little difficult to handle. I love people and there are some that come in and don’t even acknowledge my presence! What is that all about? I am pretty adorable if I do say so myself and these humans seem immune to my big pleading eyes and wagging tail, so I guess it is okay that they don’t come around often.

I had that type visiting today, it was disturbing because they were doing things and making noises in other parts of the house, I kept my human with me so I knew she was alright, but it was disturbing all the same. They did not stay long and my human was very happy that they came but I was glad to see them and their big loud truck leave. They did not seem at all threatening or I would have leapt into action to protect what is mine! They were very lucky, I might have had to get tough with them.

Humans are a peculiar sort, they just let people into their home without even a sniff, so it is always wise to be on guard in case you have to take action. Make sure your presence is noted, be friendly but wary. These humans need our help sorting out life’s little challenges, they are only human after all


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