We all feel ill from time to time and I am no exception. My stomach has been upset a couple of times in the past few days, no big deal. I throw up and then feel better or more myself, I should say. My humans become instantly concerned; I don’t want to worry them over a little upset stomach but since this is not the norm for me I can see the problem. My humans happen to be in tune with my habits and moods now that I have been with them for awhile, but that may not be the case with all of you. You may be new to your family or they are just a little less aware of what is going on with you. I won’t say that they are clueless, it is just that they are busy with all their stuff and boy do they have lots of it!

You need to make your humans aware of you. If you do feel like you need to throw up and they are home, get very near them and make a production of it. They might seem mad but it is just that you are surprising them and giving them something to clean up. For your sake try to go for a tile or wood floor instead of carpet. Things get taken care of quicker and then they can address you. It is fine to look forlorn and play on their sympathy for a bit, just don’t overplay your hand as you will find yourself on the way to the vets office.

If your humans are not home at the time try to be in a spot where they will notice it the minute they get home. Right by the door is a great spot if you can do it. There will be a time factor here so if you can get it all done at once all the better. Now your human will feel bad that they were not home to take care of you during this dark time so expect some serious cuddling. Unfortunately, they will probably cut back on your food, but these are the concessions we have to make from time to time.

I personally like to chew on grass, while some of you may only partake when you are trying to settle your stomach. I don’t know where humans got the idea that we only eat grass when our stomach is upset, but I know I am not allowed to partake as much as I would like. Most of the time I have a problem is when I eat something I shouldn’t but there you go, they need to pay closer attention, we have gone over this in the early training.

Well, these are just a few hints if you are mildly sick, if it is more serious let your human know immediately, because you will need medical attention. Remember you have to leave them with no doubt as to the fact that you are sick; after all they are only human.



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