Now that spring is really here where I live, I can really enjoy grass. It is beautiful, soft, fragrant, lush in places and tasty! I enjoy eating it much to the consternation of my human, I believe she thinks that I am not feeling well and am eating it to make my stomach feel better. I know this may be the case for some of you but not for me. When I was on my own in the world I had to eat anything I could for my survival and I developed a liking for grass and when I can get new grass as in the spring and summer instead of tough old grass in fall and winter; I like to partake as often as I can. I grab it on my walks and when I am out in my own yard I enjoy it quite often. I think it bothers her on our walks because I swerve, lunge and stop to eat it whenever the mood strikes, which is often. I don’t know if it is the ingestion of it or the fact that I am not walking “properly” bothers her more. She is concerned about me ingesting chemicals that people put on their lawns so that is part of it I am sure.

Grass feels good on the paws, cool in comparison to asphalt and dirt. In the heat of the summer walking on a nice cool lawn is bliss. Rolling in the grass is great especially if there is another animal smell there also. You can come up with some grass stains or other dirt but really who cares?!

I will say though there are a lot of nasty bugs hiding in the grass waiting to crawl onto your body. I have some sort of flea and tick collar that offers protection to some degree, but that too is not perfect as I have come away with ticks. I am able to feel them when they arrive and bite them off. My human also will treat me to a pleasant smelling(to her) gel that she spreads on my legs and stomach when we go out for a hike or walk in the woods. It does help because the ticks stay on the surface and since I am light in color you can see them and remove them before they can attach. (Nasty little things!)

So if you take the proper precautions; enjoy the grass! Munch, sleep on and roll away in the grass. Maybe if you show your human how lovely it is they will join you and enjoy a little getaway from the stress of their lives. Sometimes they have to be shown how much fun life can be-after all they are only human.DSCN0195


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