We all have certain things that we love more than others, but I will address the edible kind right now. My human brings small treats in her pocket for “training purposes”, glad to know that she has picked up on this part of her training quickly. When she wants me to do something or work on a skill they come out. She also lets me know before our walks/hikes that she has them in her pocket by giving me one to start. This gives me an inkling as to our walk and what type it will be. A quick walk in the morning doesn’t usually bring out the treats that I hold in high value, not going to refuse them mind you it is just that they don’t grab my attention as much. Any treats she brings with her are small so as not to add to my weight, they are a treat not my main meal.


Above are a few in the current rotation. She does get different ones from time to time, I guess she thinks I would like some variety and while that is true I do have my favorites that I will do almost anything for! The Walkies Fit Bites are great!


They are shaped like a little human foot and are chewy I have tried to let her know that these are a favorite so she can get more. They have healthy things in them I guess but really I don’t care they just taste good! As you may have noticed this bag is just about empty.


The ones above are very tasty and have a lot in the bag so I will have an assortment for a while. These also are put in my Kong when she leaves the house so they keep me busy trying to get them out and I don’t notice her leaving (well, I let her think that at least, I am not totally oblivious) She doesn’t stuff the entire thing, but just a few. The other item I get occsionally is a pig’s ear. This is a real treat so I don’t get them very often, they are not treated or bleached like the rawhide chews that really are not very good for dogs, I am surprised they are still out there being sold. Some people may not like the idea of a pig’s ear because that is exactly what it is and what it looks like, but it is a treat in it’s completely natural form. Sometimes they come individually wrapped either way they come they are tasty.

Now there are other types of treats and all of you have favorites, even if they are not edible. It is a treat for me to go for a hike to a new place with my human, a car ride and a snuggle on the couch. All of these count as treats in my world, what about yours? Remember we are all different as are our humans, so let them know what makes you happy so they can continue to live with you happily. You may have to repeat yourselves or act a bit goofy to get them to realize what it is that makes you happy, but try to be patient; after all they are only human


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