Today my human decided to take me on a new adventure. It involved a car ride and I get very excited, she really doesn’t understand that I am not nervous but just looking forward to whatever comes. I am hoping this will happen more often so that she is less apprehensive when she takes me anywhere.

We drove for a bit to this lovely wooded area with trails, birds and so many new smells! It was fantastic. The terrain was varied and involved hills, flat areas, rocky places and a stream. I was very interested in the stream but maybe another day. I will say that the hills on the way back were a little steep and I am ashamed that I am so out of shape. The inclement weather and my love of food have taken its toll. I think my human noticed this too, so maybe our walk will increase in length on a daily basis and these treks will happen more often. I tried to show my pleasure and willingness to go for as long as she wanted so that she would be more interested in doing it again. This really is hard to tell your human; that this is great for both of you but try because it will add more to your lives and your enjoyment in being together outside.


When leaving we met up with another dog where the car was parked, we waited until it was okayed that we could say hello. It was alright until he jumped up on my human, did not like that and had to show him that this was not proper. I don’t think he was going to do her any harm but I was not about to take any chances, so that ended that! She was not happy but I was doing my job and gave him a few extra barks on my way out for good measure. He needed to be reminded of his manners and this was my human to protect.

Well, here’s hoping that I will get more adventures soon. Get your human out of their rut if possible and go on an adventure!!


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